Welcome to Seven Dollar Bills

    Seven Dollar Bills started out as a fund raising site for the founder Bill Waterman.  It has grown into so much more now. We are in the process of becoming 501c3 certified and are governed by a board and CEO now.   Thank you for taking the time to look through our many projects and for considering partnering with us.  We are very thankful for all of those who have given of themselves both as Missitarians ( a term we use to define the meeting of faith and works ie:  missionary and humanitarian)  and those who have given to us financially to help us to reach our goals.   We have gone from an idea and concept to an organization that is changing many lives daily.   We are currently opeining a missitarian home in Manzanilla Dominican Republic where individuals and teams can come and serve with us.  We are also opening a permanent medical, dental, and vision  clinic and mobile clinics in and around the Oanaminthe Haiti area.  Please click on the tabs to the right to see these projects.  In additon to these two big projects we are still doing all of the following:
  • Feeding orphans, widows, children and families
  • Providing medical care to both pediatric and adult patients
      • Please see the tab to the left for details on our new clinic
  • Arranging staffing of medical personnel
  • Transporting goods from the Dominican Republic to Haiti and around Haiti
  • Working to facilitate team placement in Haiti
  • Transporting teams to work sites in Haiti
  • Providing maintenance and construction services for families in need
  • Working as a medical professional and helping to provide medical care
  • Working to provide dental care and vision care in our clinic


  • Providing education on nutritional supplements and health issues
  • Providing housing for missitarians to have the chance to change lives
        • Please see the tab to the left for our new home

  • Providing funding for surgeries for patients in need without the means


  • Providing funding for items and food for Nursing homes


  • Providing water and power to orphanages in Haiti 


    In Haiti there is no government provided safety net, life is a daily struggle for many. Both children and adults go to bed hungry more often than they do full, as three meals is a weekly standard, not a daily one.  Health care is not affordable for many Haitians, forcing them to decide between feeding their families or providing medical care for members of it.  Even housing is not guaranteed, as many Haitians are still living in tents.  We are working at changing these things with extremely low cost medical, dental and vision care for Adults and kids alike.  No parent should have to choose between food and health care for a sick family member.  We are establishing a permanent clinic which operates four days a week and doing outreach clinics to villages on the other days. 

In addition our missitarian house is allowing people the opportunity to come and stay for a very low cost to help others.  It is used for both short and long term individuals.  In additon we off logistics support for your teams.  Rather you are looking for a hotel based or field based adventure we will arrange it all for you.  Our goal is simply to put hands and feet in the field.  Not to turn a profit off from teams coming down so costs are very low.  Please see our guidelines to the left and above for details. 

The basic premise behind this website is to ask you to give up one fast food meal a week to help someone else SURVIVE  that day.  The average cost of a meal is about $7.00 and by giving up this amount a week you can change lives. When you can give more it is better, but  If you are not able to give that much give what you can, if you can't give then give prayer, do a fund raiser, or tell others.  Every person can do something, and every penny counts to make life better for people who truly are the poorest in the world

Whether you give or not please sign onto my facebook at Bill Waterman to recieve amazing updates of our work here  so you can stay in touch with everything we are doing.  There is no cost so sign up now  or download pictures for your personal (non fundraising or business) use.

Many blessings to you,

Bill Waterman  -  Founding Missitarian